The Feel Good Body
Is your back straight or shaped like a banana? Does your belly spread like lava, your neck poke out like a turtle’s, your shoulders hang like a gorilla’s and, worse, your buttocks droop like pikelets?

Is that humungous headache from stress or something more serious? In times of stress do you vent your frustration, head for the bottle or battle on like a Black Knight?

How are you feeling right now? Do you feel good? Or are you experiencing annoying niggles and aches, not feeling on top of your game – and perhaps horrified at the sight of your own reflection?

Physiotherapist Anna-Louise Bouvier and journalist Jennifer Fleming have developed the 21-day Feel Good Body program to help with all these issues. Their simple seven-step program will show you how to sit, stand, walk and breathe correctly, how to release tension that builds in your body and mind, and how to stay active and healthy at any age. Incorporating the latest research, The Feel Good Body is the must-have book to help you feel good – and look good too.

Spotless: room-by-room solutions to domestic disasters
‘How do you get chewing gum off a leather jacket?’
‘I put a hot pot on the kitchen bench and it’s left a scorch mark? Can I remove it?’
‘My cat sprayed on the new curtains. The smell is awful and there’s a slight stain. What can I do?’
‘Someone in the pub spilt beer all over my expensive leather shoes. How do I clean them?’
‘My 3 year-old got hold of a black permanent pen and wrote all over the cream furniture. It’s a disaster!’
‘We’re repainting the bathroom walls. How can we stop the mould coming back?’
‘We keep getting pesky moths in the pantry. Can we get rid of them?’
‘I put my glassware in the dishwasher but it seems to be getting white marks on it. What do I do?’

Do any of these daily domestic disasters sound familiar? These problems and hundreds more are answered in Spotless. In this essential home handbook, read the vast wealth of domestic wisdom, tips and techniques that has listeners jamming radio switchboards with questions. This is a brilliant room-by-room problem-solver to the stains, smells and scratches that try us all.

Speedcleaning – a clean house in just 15 minutes a day
Flat out and on the go? The last thing you want to do at the end of a hectic day (or on the weekend) is clean the house. But help is at hand with this practical, clever and efficient guide to household cleaning. Speedcleaning is for people who want a clean house but are time-poor. All you need is 15 minutes a day and these sure-fire systems and methods will make your house run more smoothly and efficiently. Find out how to clean your house, top to bottom, room-by-room (and outside) at all times of the year. Combat domestic drudgery with this ultimate household guide.

Save: your money, your time, your planet
Do you have a drawer in your home filled with old gift-wrapping paper, bits of ribbon and other things you might be able to reuse? Do you have a shelf where old jars and plastic containers are kept? In days gone by everyone had areas in the home stocked with items to reuse: old coffee jars became containers for nails and screws; fraying business shirts were turned into quilts; and old shoe boxes became storage units. Reuse was very common. Today items are cheaper to buy and easy to throw away so we don’t tend to hang on to them. Without thinking too much about it, after we use something we throw it into the bin. We want you to save money, save time and in the process, help save the planet—all without losing your lifestyle.
This book takes you on a room-by-room tour through your home and suggests many alternative uses for common household items. It includes information on why it’s important to change your habits, anecdotes of people making positive changes, and numerous money-, time- and planet-saving ideas.

How to be Comfy
How To Be Comfy is about making your house a home. Your home could be filled to the rafters with loved items, or be completely minimalist. It could have bold feature walls or be subdued and plain. It could be filled with high-tech gadgetry, collectables or items from travels. It could be eclectic or themed. The important point is that you, and others under the same roof, are comfy. Making a home comfy is about satisfying all the senses: it’s about the look, touch, smell, sound, taste and that often-elusive X factor. It’s about things like the colour on your walls, the feel of a mohair blanket, the fragrance of a bunch of flowers, the sound of your favourite music, the taste of a delicious meal or the feeling of warmth from a crackling fire on a cold evening. In How To Be Comfy we take you on a room-by-room guide through your home and offer a range of ideas for your home.

Spotless 2: even more solutions to domestic disasters
It doesn’t matter how careful you are, at some stage you’ll have to deal with a stain. It could be soy sauce on your shirt, red wine on your carpet, pen marks on your couch, a scratch on your timber table, curry on your benchtop, a water stain in your toilet, bird droppings on your deck or grease on your driveway – the list of possible stains is almost endless. When we wrote Spotless, we didn’t include every stain imaginable because the book would be too heavy to hold in one hand (while you cleaned with the other). Our aim was to give a general overview of common household stains with easy-to-follow instructions on how to fix them—all with a fun approach. Work out what the stain is, what the surface is, determine the correct solvent and then remove your stain using the smallest amount of solvent needed. Stains happen! And so does stain removal.