Worst Fortune Cookie Message

Not only did I eat the worst ever Chinese take-out last night, but it came with an uninspiring fortune cookie message. In my view, fortune cookie messages should be positive and uplifting. I checked Wikipedia to make sure I was on the right track. It says fortune cookies offer faux wisdom or vague prophesy. There was nothing vague about this message. Are you ready for it? It claimed: “Always a valley before a hill.” I know. Awful. No one likes a hill. A mountain on the other hand? That’s something you can surmount but a hill is boring and unremarkable. And the message is the wrong way around. If it read, ‘After the hill comes the valley’, then I’d be OK about it. Instead, it left me cranky. I don’t know if it was someone’s idea of a joke. I’m sure fortune cookie writers aren’t adequately remunerated for their skills: why not throw in a few clangers to see if anyone pays attention. Anyone else had a shocker fortune cookie message?

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