Hot in Cleveland: My Radio Appearance

Does Saturday morning the world over mean home improvement programs on the radio? This morning I appeared on ‘The Home Tool Box’ presented by Bob Gallese on Cleveland’s Radio 1130 AM WELW to talk about one of my areas of expertise: stain removal. With the release of Completely Spotless in Australia, the good folks of Cleveland were keen to learn our secrets and insights. As it turns out, cleaning methods are pretty much the same as the US with a few name and spelling changes. I extolled the virtues of baking soda (aka bicarb soda) and white vinegar, oil of cloves to remove mould (or mold, as it’s spelled here), how to make your own air freshener using lavender oil, water and a spray pack, and even how to unshrink a sweater using fuller’s earth or epsom salts. I hope I was as hot as Betty White in Cleveland.

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