Gangly Swan: what ballet taught me

I had an unexpected adventure today. I attended a ballet class. It wasn’t something I’d planned to do. As a new member of a gym, I selected a class called ‘Fluid Flexibility’ that I thought would be a cross between yoga and Pilates. But no. I joined ten other women at a barre in front of a ceiling to floor mirror and demi plied. I looked like a log. As I followed the instructor, I realized a vital element was missing in my moves – grace. I pointed my toes forwards and backwards, trying to place my arm in a delicate pose. I tried to channel Black Swan (minus the craziness) but looked gangly. Is that why we give up ballet once we turn 9? It did make me think about poise and how I move in the world. Could this awareness be a good thing? I’m not sure if I’ll go to Fluid Flexibility again, but I’m pleased it sparked the notion of grace.

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