Mobile Devices THE Hot Topic (aside from Osama)

I had a revelation last week. Sitting on a New York subway, I noticed the number of people clutching their mobile phones. Some were listening to music, others played games and many others were just sitting and holding, waiting for mobile reception. For the record, mine was in my hand-bag – but I’m a mid-adopter. This hand-held device gives us access to the world – and I believe it won’t be long before we see a permanent holding of the phone. It also means content will be created and designed for the mobile device. Right now, websites look awful on mobiles with long loading times and snatches of content. It’s annoying and frustrating. Watch as the world gets smaller with websites designed especially for your mobile device with compact communication an essential. It’s something we’re working on at Dinkum Interactive where I work as a Specialist Content Writer. My aim is the elegance and brevity of a haiku with mass impact.

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